i've got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match



:: about me ::
About ニクちゃん
Real Name: Nicole (omg?!)
Age: Too old to be a fairy princess,
too young to think that her love life has passed her by
Style: Now! Now! Now!
If I don't have the face of a super model,
I will have a style like one
Fave brands: anything that will make me stand out even more
Fave Food: Strawberries, Cake, ice cream, spicy tofu
Dislike food: cooked veggies, beef, jello

:: more stuff ::
My communities: writeonnicchan, LisT G-YUN, dokidoki cafe

Looking for my FanFics? => Here or Here
and is currently taking requests for fics~ so send me a pm with a pairing and theme/song/show/idea

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